New Company Video is launched

Take a close look at how we do it!

Fine Line recently added a new company video to its website to give a clear insight into its
professional and modern manufacturing control methods. Read more

Improving Productivity

The Bar-Coded automation of all Fine Line’s shop floor activities now provide up to the minute data on all work in progress and actual cost performance against product manufacturing budgets. Read more

Untouched by human hand

Your very own product drawing data, e mailed to us from your desktop and relayed directly into our computerised Laser Profiling machines, CNC Press Brakes and internal IT control systems, is now a routine part of our Lean Manufacturing Process. Read more

It’s gas…

Our commitment to “Clean Edge” profiling of laser cut components ensures our customers have full peace of mind when it comes to long term paint adhesion on steel products, and non-discolouration of bright stainless steel items. Read more