Straight into Your Bottom Line!

Recent months have seen a surge in the take-up of Fine Line´s Design for Manufacture Service.

ProfitWe see this as growing recognition of the considerable untapped opportunity which exists as a consequence of the somewhat limited scope of the conventional tender / quotation process.

While competitive quoting is likely to result in relatively lower unit prices; on its own this process ignores the huge potential extra savings that can be earned through the simple and straightforward application of Value-added techniques.

Minor innovative suggestions and alterations which often have no impact whatsoever in terms of product aesthetics and functionality can produce huge cost savings for the purchaser.

For example, a recent product evaluation made in respect of just one of our customer`s sheet metal components produced savings which would have required an increase in their sales income of £80,000 in order to achieve the same contribution to its net profit.

Unlike almost all other investments and costs incurred to achieve profit, such as sales and marketing expenditure, etc., our Value Engineering Service does not incur any expenditure, and all savings therefore arrive intact and directly into your net profit, effectively making your purchasing function a true profit centre.

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