Quality? It’s the Culture here really………….

Quality? It’s the Culture here really………….

The past twelve months has seen a further period of achievement for Fine Line, particularly in respect of our continuing success in the area of quality.

November again saw the annual renewal of our IS09001 accreditation but, of equal importance to the people here at Fine Line has been the on-going positive feedback registered by our customers, supported by our 100% defect free performances.

Stan Middleton, our highly qualified Product Quality Manager, fully recognises the vital importance of Fine Line’s ISO accredited Quality Management System, but he is quick to stress the significance of Fine Line’s quality ethic when he adds “It’s the Quality Culture here, and the positive attitude of our people that really sets us apart from our competitors”.

With over thirty years controlling all aspects of quality in sub contract sheet metalwork, Stan not only knows his quality control procedures inside out, he also knows about people too; so when he says that the Fine Line people “Live and breathe product quality”, he knows what he is talking about.

“Quality is what Fine Line is all about, it’s the culture here really, just check with our customers” he says, “They will tell you – they just love it!”




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