Introducing our new X-Pert……………

That’s the new highly advanced Bystronic X-Pert CNC Press Brake to be precise.


Although the achievement of accuracy and faster output of formed sheet metal components was significantly improved some forty plus years back with the introduction of the CNC press brake, the cost of forming / bending of items has, however, grown to become highly disproportionate within the total cost of most standard sheet metal items. Forming costs have generally become even higher, proportionately, for most of today’s requirements for smaller batch sizes.

Several factors have combined to cause this situation, including minute variations which normally occur in both the thickness and tensile strength of most raw sheet materials. Such problems will cause severe difficulties in achieving even modest accuracy requirements causing downtime adjustments This in turn impacts further on the already high machine preparation (job set-up) costs.

For Fine Line, the advanced features incorporated within the X-Pert CNC Press-Brake comes as closes as is possible at this time to eliminate machine set up times. Even for the complex forming details and components.

At Fine Line, the machine’s automatic “sensing” and adjustment features which compensate for metal thickness and tensile strength variations, is coupled to Radan’s Radbend software so that even the normal manual programming of the X-Pert is again automatically executed.

Time consuming manual set ups is, in effect almost completely eliminated.

Typically, with this new equipment, Fine Line is achieving component price reductions of between twenty to forty percent of the total component cost. Meaning, for example, that some items are realising prices of, say £2.88 each which previously would cost £4.00 each

For more detailed information on the Bystronic X-Pert please click the link below.

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