It’s gas…

Our commitment to “Clean Edge” profiling of laser cut components ensures our customers have full peace of mind when it comes to long term paint adhesion on steel products, and non-discolouration of bright stainless steel items.

platino_testa_2To provide this quality standard, Fine Line is one of the very few suppliers committed to profile all such quality assured products by means of Nitrogen Gas.

As a result of this commitment and our growing customer base means that our 24/7 “Lights Out” capability is now supported by our own on-site Bulk Storage Nitrogen gas facility which was recently installed at our Braintree location.

With supplies to our new storage facility maintained exclusively by BOC Limited by means of an automatic telecom connection to the storage unit, our consumption is monitored daily and automatically replenished and maintained by BOC Limited.

This significant new investment is further evidence of our commitment to product quality and delivery reliability.

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