Welcome to Fine Line Engineering!

We believe you have just taken the first step into a partnership which brings you total service and complete quality reliability for all your precision sheet metal component and fabrication needs. High accuracy, flexibility, plus full engineering support and delivery reliability are all assured.....and all at the most competitive of prices.

At Fine Line, we do not simply aim to be your supplier. Instead, our qualified, trained and highly experienced production engineering people can become a vital and essential part of your own team, getting to know your business; and working with experience and expert skill for you, on your projects.

Combined with our investment in the best manufacturing facilities, machinery and management control system, this service is focused on your success…and, vitally, on your bottom line.

Already working with a sheet metal fabrication supplier and reluctant to take a chance on someone new? We understand! That’s why we are organised and equipped to meet your individual and precise needs; and from this commitment we achieve the price competitiveness that is essential in today’s marketplace. We aim to cut your costs – not the service!

By becoming a Fine Line customer, you are also assured our best levels of performance, product quality and delivery reliability.ISO9001RegUKAS-Col

It’s not rocket science…it’s engineering at its very best.

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