Introducing The New Boss…

Its Exact JobBoss Software!:


To provide the very best quality performance and complete delivery reliability obviously takes more than making easy promises.

This understanding was the vital fact that underscored our business plan when we launched Fine Line twenty five years ago in August 1988, and was the reason that we implemented a fully integrated computerised management control system from day one of our start-up

And since August 1988 it’s a commitment that has never failed us. The high levels of control we have obtained with our Micross System played a very significant part in the achievement of an unrivalled reputation for excellence and absolute attention to detail.

Now, we plan to take this success further with our adoption of the Exact Jobboss MRP planning system which fully integrates every part of our management control and administrative systems, enabling us to realise further improvements in efficiency and cost reduction.

We’re excited by the potential this provides for us to play an even bigger part in our future success of all of our customers.

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