Sheet Metalwork –The Real Cost Saving Route – The Ways and The Means

Transferring our manpower resources and expertise away from out-dated estimating practices and into a customer focussed cost-reduction function often helps to achieve the lowest cost results for our customers.

What is the Difference?

Instead of applying expensive resources to simply churn out run of the mill quotations where prices simply reflect the costs implicated within the drawings provided by customers, our engineers can instead approach the project from the standpoint of the customer’s own budgets, needs and objectives. It’s a simple concept really but: by aiming for the target, you’re more likely to hit it or to get closer to it!

So, how can it work in practice?

By applying a new and fresh approach and some new ideas, relative to your more clearly understood needs and aims, with the understanding that you will want to reward a successful relationship which gives you the best possible result, our engineering team can allocate much more effort and resources into evaluating and testing ideas and ways of reducing manufacturing costs on your behalf. Below are some of the ideas which can be tested, sampled and established at the initial stages of your enquiry:

Applying Actual Production / manufacturing output times, rather than making crude or imprecise estimates.
Analysis of methods and ways to reduce often inherent and expensive materials wastage.
Testing to ensure selection of the best alternative (lowest cost) manufacturing methods.
Applying methodology in manufacture so as to reduce or even remove costly labour intensive functions such as welding and weld grinding / cleaning.
Helping to ensure that, where possible, customers have not overlooked alternatives in more economical material specifications and surface finishes which can significantly impact on costs.

These are just some of the ideas that can be related to the target which you provide us with. Ideas which we use in place of the out of date practice of vague estimating routines.

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